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AB CHeer Gear

We've created a backpack that supports your style and your body! 

Our patented Airbac™ technology takes the weight off of your back so you can stay healthy and focus on what's important!

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we support YOU.


Our Mission is you.

At AB Cheer Gear we have one goal in mind...YOU. Our mission is support every single cheerleader, dancer, and athlete from every walk of life! No matter where you come from or who you are, AB Cheer Gear supports YOU! 

we take the weight off your shoulders.






Airbac technology

AirBac has developed an innovative, proprietary, patented air bladder system designed to redistribute the weight of backpack contents to keep the weight off the shoulders and back, helping reduce stress on the spine and to promote better posture. AirBac's breakthrough innovation will make it feel like you are carrying half of the actual weight.

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Promotes Better Posture and Spinal Alignment

People tend to bend forward or hunch to compensate for the extra weight in a regular backpack. The AIRBAC™ system, which evenly redistributes the weight across the back, allows the body to relax in an upright position, promoting better posture and proper spinal alignment.

Air-Cushioned Protection

The patented air support system coupled with AIRBAC™ padded technology offers a secure home for valuable contents, protecting laptops, iPads and other important materials

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Built-In Shock Absorbers

Repetitive impact due to running or walking with a heavy backpack can cause increased stress on the lower back. To address this issue, AIRBAC™ technology offers the ability to absorb the impact a heavy bag may have on the spine, helping outdoor enthusiasts to exercise pain-free.

Adjustable for a Customized Fit

From children to adults and student-athletes to active outdoor enthusiasts, AIRBAC™ was designed to support the spinal health of all body types. The product’s padded shoulder straps and patented air support system adjust to meet a wide variety of body types.

WE believe that all athletes are unique and amazing!